Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Words, words, words = confusion

I am a little confused lately in the whole debate over human sexuality. We seem to be playing with words, words, and more words. It's almost like we can do anything we want provided we don't actually call something a marriage or bless it as a marriage.

We have the pastoral statement by the Canadian House of Bishops. And today we have the ruling on Prop 8 from California. Dan, on Facebook, gave this link to DailyKos. You can also see his comments on it at Culture Choc.

I hate the water. I had a few scares with it when I was a little child and I get so tense when I'm in a anything larger than a bathtub that I get very dizzy from clenching my jaw so hard. But the few times when I go in I do it one of two ways. I may dip my toe in and then walk along with my water up to my ankles, gradually moving deeper and deeper. Or, I may just decide to dash in until all of me is submersed in the water. Usually there is less agony over the dash as it is over and done with. With the toe dipping, there's all that time of getting use to the cold or whatever.

I have watched this debate over human sexuality over the last few years. First of all, within the Church, those of us who supported it were told that we had to present it in terms of scripture, theology and doctrine. We have done this over a period of time, although I will admit it may not be as formal as some of our bishops would like. Still, the work is out there. All of a sudden, we're told that we need to observe process. I have heard some, who have not supported full inclusion in the past, say that they are not against same-sex marriage provided the proper process is gone through. Now that ticks me off more than having to present it based on scripture, doctrine, and theology because it appears to concede that there is really nothing standing in the way but a few human prescribed rules and guidelines. That in every real way that counts for our faith and our criteria, full inclusion is okay but lets just wait while we play with real peoples' lives.

Now we have the ruling from California that is so confusing - it appears to be saying that the concept of same-sex marriage is okay provided it isn't called marriage. Excuse me! Are we just playing word games with the lives of real people? And if this is just all about words rather than concepts or principles, how are we doing what is just and right in the sight of God.

It brings to mind the phrase - it's all over except for the kicking and screaming. Only in this case, we are dealing with people and their right and need for loving relationships to be fully acknowledged and accepted by all.

I am so confused. Why do we continue playing games with peoples' lives?