Friday, December 14, 2007

ABC's Advent Letter

The Archbishop of Canterbury has finally released his Advent letter. (He's also released his Christmas letter.) I skimmed through it but that is all. No major changes that I can see in the brief skim-through. And nothing really about what the Southern Cone is doing.

It always amazes me how much of these things focus on TEC. I recognize that it is because of the election and consecration of Gene Robinson which has taken the issue into the episcopate and means that more people have to acknowledge it. But nothing is said about Canada. Not that I want us to have the hassles TEC is having. I'm quite happy quietly flying under the radar. But the present situation makes it appear more like a vendetta against TEC. Other provinces have also let it be known that they ordain homosexuals in relationships as well as do same-sex blessings. Not a boo is said to them.

In all honesty, as long as only TEC is targetted (and I really don't want other provinces targetted) I will not be able to accept that this isn't "politically driven" at the top. Not that I deny the firm convictions of the people on the ground. But why single out TEC as the issue when a number of other provinces are doing likewise - just not always openly? And why the silence from those other provinces on the matter?

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie


Malcolm+ said...

It isn't about faithfulness, it's about power. The relationship between the "conservative" mischief-makers and the American far right is well established. See Jim Naughton's well researched item, "Following the Money" at:

Ann Marie said...

Yes, I agree that for a number it is about power. For some, it is about having the predominant voice in the church. For some it is a chance to pay the US back for its attitude and foreign policies in the past. But I think that many have also convinced themselves, and are thus trying to convince others, that it is about faithfulness.

But I also believe for many who are not in the upper echelons or hierarchy that it is about faithfulness to what they understand is the true gospel.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie

liturgy said...

My ecclesiastical teeth were put on edge by the change in Anglican ecclesiology implied from the initial greeting. See my reflection at

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