Saturday, January 05, 2008

Our Lady of Sign - Updated

Wandering around the internet last night around midnight I came across this post at An Inch at a Time. Then this morning I came across this at Episcopal Cafe and this at Desert's Child. Being a female priest and a feminist I loved this comment at Episcopal Cafe by EH Culver:

"Two things: 1) several years ago a friend gave me a copy of an icon, "Our Lady of the Sign," In which the infant Jesus is sitting on the BVM's lap, and her hands are in the "orans" position. According to my friend, now an Episcopal priest and a Wise Woman if I ever knew one, in Eastern iconography Mary is never depicted without Christ, and in this icon she is presenting him to the world, as the priest presents His Body and Blood in the Eucharist.2) In a lecture this past fall a respected scholar and UMC elder made the point that the Incarnation is the best argument for the ordination of women. If Mary, a woman, could carry the Body and Blood of the Lord in her womb, why should a woman not hold the same Body and Blood at the altar?"

Here are icons of Our Lady of Sign:

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie
As per the comment below here is a link to Luis site. Luis Gutierrez


Luis Gutierrez said...

See this one

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Ann Marie said...

Thanks Luis. I'm going to add an update with the link to your site. I would just post the picture(with your permission), but I think a number of people might like your site.

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Ann Marie