Friday, June 06, 2008


Today we held our fundraiser for community outreach.

We are a small church in rural Saskatchewan. We cannot meet our yearly expenses without drawing down on our savings. Even with extra fundraisers, we don't come close.

Our community holds community days once a year. They're happening this weekend.

Last year we held a BBQ at the community days to raise money to get school supplies for children whose families could not afford them. We were able to make that project extend for two years. We were so happy with last year that we decided to do it again this year.

We needed a new project as last year's still had funding. So we decided this year to raise money for the local Family Centre to co-sponsor a family fun day. This would involve rental of the local pool or bowling alley and a BBQ.

We did well for small town Saskatchewan. We should be able to completely sponsor the fun day with what we raised.

I love this on two levels. The first is that we did raise enough money for the project. The second is what it teaches us about stepping out in faith. It's been threatening rain. We had gorgeous weather - not too sunny but yet warm enough for people to eat outside at the tables. It also teaches about how we will suceed when we work for the kingdom - when we look beyond ourselves and our own needs to helping others with their needs.

We actually did better than last year and last year was a bit of fluke. We couldn't get the day we wanted last year. Although we did luck out and find a c0-sponsor that hadn't already been approached by the time we started looking. We managed to get the same co-sponsor again this year. They're an awesome help. They supply the location, the burgers and buns. The town supplies the tables which they drop off and pick up. We supply the BBQs workers and extra supplies.

Fun was had by all. It got a bit overwhelming at one point. One of the BBQers figured that we sold 40 burgers in five minutes. It was all we could do to keep up.

I prayed hard over this project last year because I knew that if we failed last year, they wouldn't try again this year. I prayed again this year because they work so hard and have such big hearts. Our prayers were answered in spades. Thanks be to God.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie

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