Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prayers Please

I would ask all that there to pray for our little community. Last Tuesday we experienced our first murder ever - an eighty-two year old woman living on her own. (Years ago there was a murder/suicide but that affects a community in a different way.) We may have had a colourful past in some respects, and sometimes that past may have involved things that bordered on violence, but never has it left our aging population feeling so vulnerable. In some ways innocence has been lost, never to be recovered. Now a murder has happened. Before murder was something that happened in the city or somewhere else but not here. Now it is here and people are struggling with how to deal with it.

Steps are being taken to help the community. We have a community wide information and concerns meeting scheduled for Monday. I ask prayers for the woman who was killed, for her family and friends, for the one who discovered her body and one who was the last to see her alive, and for the community as well as for whoever it was that did the killing and those surrounding him/her. That's a lot of prayers, I know, but thank you in advance for your concern.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie


Erin said...


Grandmère Mimi said...

Anne Marie, I am so sorry for this tragedy. I'll pray for all, the family and all who are affected by the murder, which is pretty much everyone in the community, I'm sure.

Some years ago the priest at my church was murdered in the parish hall, and everyone in our town was shocked and in mourning for a long time. The saddest part was that folks became suspicious of each other. The murder was solved 15 years later.

Blessings and much love.

Muthah+ said...

Ann Marie, I had a member of my parish murdered some years ago. It is deeply disturbing and quite frightening. At the same time the parish came together to help the woman's family and follow the case until the murderer was finally brought to justice.

If you can, help your congregation to stay focused upon finding justice for the family and righting the equilibrium of the community.

My prayers will be with you. It is hard work and tiring work. In my case it took 10 years for the murderer to be sent to prison.

Ann Marie said...

Erin, Grandmere Mimi, and Muthah+,

Thank you for your prayers. It is not the first time that I have been part of a community that has had to face these issues but it is a first for this community and it is my first experience with this as a priest. I am feeling quite positive after today's meeting. Actually, almost all of our care team is feeling quite hopeful.

Thank you again,
Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie