Friday, September 11, 2009


I read this link today. I'm still not sure if I should take it seriously as it hits just about every hot button. And I'm not even going bite on the usual hot button issues as I probably wouldn't be saying anything I or someone else has not said before.

But - in all this is the effort to make ourselves more relevant to the RC church and our African brothers and sisters. What about making ourselves more relevant and strengthening our ties with our own people? Not that I'm saying that we go to the opposite extreme and ignore the RC and our African brothers and sisters, either. But if we are going to return to doing things in a traditional manner to strengthen those ties are we truly serving those around us?

I live in a tension around the wearing of my clericals. I do not wear my collar except for liturgical functions. Nor do I even own a cassock. These things are relevant in the contexts that they are needed. I have had discussions on my not wearing my collar. I truly do understand the logic behind wearing it and I do believe it. But, experience has also shaped my decision not to wear mine. I have experienced a real change in response from those in the larger community when they see me wearing it. People who are usually very comfortable with me and open to talking about spiritual things become hostile when they see me wearing it. Not that I can't handle the hostility but my main purpose is the building of relationships. If it is meant to set us a part and make us noticeable, believe me, I have developed tools that do the same without putting people's backs up. They may not be completely orthodox tools (okay, they are not orthodox in the least) but you wouldn't believe the openings for ministry they have provided.

If someone believes it is important in their context to wear their clericals - go for it. If they believe that they should wear their clericals for whatever reason - go for it. But please, don't put barriers in place in my ministry.

And notice, I kept away from ranting on the usual issues ;)

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie

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