Thursday, April 01, 2010

Good News

A few years back a friend of mine resigned his position because he could no longer, in good conscience, say no to blessing same sex marriages. This meant that he was not able to act officially in any capacity as a priest.

The good news is that Shawn is once again going to be able to preside and preach. It does not mean that he is licensed once again (as he is remaining true to his convictions and that means that he cannot follow all the present canons of the ACC), rather that he has been given a letter of permission to preside and preach under the authority of the current bishop. As he is now a parishioner of mine the bishop has allowed for him to preside and preach under my direction. I am absolutely thrilled to say that he has agreed to take the 9 am Easter Sunday service in our Memorial Chapel. It will also be the first service in our chapel in a while as it was used for storage when I arrived. We are reclaiming the space as sacred at our Holy Saturday service (which Shawn and I are doing jointly) and the first Service of Holy Communion will be on Sunday.

So, this Sunday not only will I be celebrating the Resurrection joyously but also the marvelous ways that God has blessed my life recently.

Love and prayers,
Ann Marie

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