Saturday, May 17, 2014

Odds and Ends

I just wanted to share some pictures that don't really fit in with any of the topics about which I have blogged. None of these have enough information to merit a blog of their own.

Halifax wharf:

I have mentioned before that cruise ships play a significant role in the economy. There are even markets at the wharf that are only open when a cruise ship docks.

There are a number of commemorative plaques along the wharf. This one is the most decorated. It remembers the men who lost their lives protecting our country and freedom and the 91 ships on which they served.

The Children's Playground on the wharf. The floor of this is quite interesting. I am not sure of what it is made but it is quite soft and somewhat spongey.

I know that pigeons are not unusual. In fact, most people consider them a nuisance. I know I certainly did when I was growing up and they made such a mess of the corner of our lawn in Saskatoon. But I could get so close to these ones on the wharf.

Point Pleasant Park:

This is about the third time I have seen city police mounted on horses.

We didn't spend much time here as we spent more time at the wharf than we had planned. We came across this tower accidentally as we explored one of the two paths we took.

This is one of nearly 200 British batteries worldwide and one of five here in Halifax. It was a part of the harbour defense system.

Point Pleasant park has been affected by two hurricanes. The damage was started by hurricane Juan and finished by hurricane Ivan.

I just had to add this one of Owen and his sister, Tammy, our wonderful hostess with the mostest.

The famous three churches of Mahone Bay. The one on the left is St. James Anglican. The middle one is a Lutheran church and the one on the left is now a United church but started out as a Methodist church.

Cemetery in Lunenburg

There are so many cemeteries that are in the centre of communities. This was an Acadian one in Lunenberg. The stones are so old. One stone even had a tree break it.

We head home tomorrow. There is still a lot I would love to see and do. I never did phone my mom's relatives. And I didn't make it to Amherst or Tatamagouche. I guess that means I will have to make a trip back.

Love and Prayers,

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