Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm about to order some books. I'm doing a few orders over the next couple of months - as the money becomes available. When I talk to various people they suggest such and such a book and it goes on my wish list. I think I'm up to about 75 books. What are you reading? What would you recommend to the rest of us? What new things have really struck you in your reading over the last little while?


Ann Marie said...

Well, I finally got around to ordering 5 books. Chris recommended Experiential Worship: Encountering God with Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength. We're hoping to do a mid-week service involving some emergent worship, taize, Iona, and some other resources (not all in the same service by the way - even I am not that eclectic).

I read Rosemary Radford Ruether's book this summer - "Goddessess and the Divine Feminine". She quoted from Carol P. Christ, so I ordered Christ's books - "She Who Changes : Re-Imagining the Divine in the World" and "Rebirth of the Goddess : Finding Meaning in Feminist Spirituality". Ruether also quoted from some of Starhawk's works and I do want to buy two of her books dealing with authority and power - but that will have to wait.

I also odered Women, Earth, and Creator Spirit by Elizabeth Johnson (I'm not sure why, it was on my wish list. It could have been that I had typed in her name and liked the title and write up.)

The 5th book I ordered was "This Far by Grace: A Bishop's Journey Through Questions of Homosexuality" by Neil Alexander. I have seen it recommended on several sites.

Next month I hope to order another set of books, maybe from Iona. I love their liturgies and I want to explore their work on the healing ministry.

Ann Marie

Ann Marie said...

Well, the first two of my books came: Experiential Worship and She Who Changes. I have only had time to read the intro's and a few pages of the first chapter.

One of the things I enjoy is that each year I appear to select a topic that will be studied that year. The first year it was human sexuality (I have two three inch binders full of research on this issue). The second year was Mary Magdalene (timely considering that the Da Vinci Code came out in the latter part of my study year.) The study of Mary Magdalene has led me to a few books on feminine images of the the divine. I'm quite enjoying my study on this the more I get into it.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie