Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Setting it up

A friend noticed the lack of Canadian Anglican Bloggers. He suggested that I start a blog where we could discuss things from a Canadian Anglican point of view. It's something I have thought about and prayed over. This is the beginning.

I attended seminary at Emmanuel and St. Chad in Saskatoon. One of my fondest memories was the way we gathered around a big round table at meals and common time. It might start out with a couple of people and continued to grow - the circle expanding ever outward.

We were a diverse group covering much of the spectrum. And yet, around the ever-growing circle we were able to talk and to listen to each other without acrimony or judgement. I tend to be fairly liberal and yet I count among some of my closest friends and confidants some of the more conservative of my fellow students.

I guess that is the vision I have for this blog. Respect, politeness but the freedom to speak our minds and to dialogue. We share a common faith however we choose to express it and a common love for serving God.

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Shawn said...

Hi Ann Marie, and everyone else there. Wow, this is exciting. I think, maybe, I get to be the first commenter on this site. Cool.
So. On to business... how is everyone? Is there anyone out there who is as obsessed with following the high drama of the Communion as Ann Marie and I are? Anyone addicted? Here in the Diocese of Saskatoon, things seem to be fairly quiet, though Integrity stirred the pot a bit when we sent a letter to diocesan council critiquing a document prepared for and sanctioned by the council on same-sex blessings. Other than that, and the heat generated by my participation in a same sex wedding (not as officiant), there seems to be a fair bit of silence. Is this the calm before the storm of June 2007? What is going on in other dioceses? What's happening out there? I get so caught up in the doings of TEC and the Global South, and really have no idea whats going on here... thoughts?