Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fuddy Duddies

Below is an essay my younger daughter wrote last summer. While there may be portions I would have worded differently, it does reflect the thoughts of many of our young people. In a few generations there will only be wonderment at how we could possibly deny that God has truly blessed a number of relationships that we as Christians have condemned. It is my children's generation and their compassion and acceptance of the love between two people who happen to be the same sex that gives me hope for the future each time I see my own generation placing barriers in the way of full acceptance.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie


Have you ever met a fuddy-duddy? They’re really quite common and can be found in almost every aspect of the human life. They are people who are old-fashioned in the extreme and refuse to change their minds about opinions formed centuries before they were born. I know that a person should be compassionate and not judge anyone, but I find it extremely hard to do this with certain fuddy-duddy viewpoints. The main viewpoint of theirs that angers me most is the one on homosexuals.

In the Bible, the very first story is about the creation. It tells how on the sixth day God created humankind in his image. When God was done, he looked over all his creations and saw the they were good. God saw the heterosexuals and the homosexuals and he saw nothing wrong with either one of them. I doubt he’s changed his mind.

Traditionally, people got married so that they could start a family (or join two together). Fuddy-duddies use this as one of their reasons that homosexuals should not get married. Their reasoning is that if two people cannot have children together, they shouldn’t get married. But what about the people who can’t have children, whether they’re homosexual or not? Does this mean that they can’t get married either? What about adoption or artificial insemination? Obviously fuddy-duddies don’t take these into account.

What’s wrong with being homosexual? Nothing. As good is balanced by evil, heterosexuals are balanced by homosexuals. If straight people can get married, why can’t gay people? There isn’t a reason. Fuddy-duddies hide behind old fashioned ways of thinking because that’s the only way they can justify their pigheadedness.

It is my belief that we shouldn’t treat people any less than we would want to be treated. Whether they’re the smartest person in the world or an old man with Alzheimer’s, whether they’re a bishop or the gayest person you’ve ever met, they’re people. People deserve to be treated as people and not a bit less. They say there is equality for everyone, but how can they say this if some churches will refuse to bless same-sex marriage?

By Jay L. Marie

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