Sunday, June 03, 2007

Genesis 2

Today we were suppose to have our outdoor service and church picnic. The weather person was forcasting good weather. Even though it is Trinity Sunday, I planned the service around a celebration of creation. Instead of a sermon I had planned a children's talk and activity.

I woke up shortly after 6am and the weather was gorgeous. By the time 8:00 rolled around I knew we were in trouble. Sure enough, it poured rain. This placed us in the church and left me minus a sermon. Fortunately I had just read a paper by Dr. Walter Deller. (This is a copy of the whole Lenten series. Walter's paper is on page 54 - or actual page 65 according to the page numbers of the complete file.) Rather than change the service at the last minute to celebrate the Trinity (although I reread Dorothy Sayers' "The Mind of the Maker" this morning just to refresh my memory), I kept the service originally planned, used part of the children's talk and expanded it using Walter's paper as the base.

Although, today, I focused on God's creation and our responsibility as part of that creation, I enjoy and value the paper as a whole because it reflects some feminist studies I have been reading lately as well as solving some issues for me. Walter is also offering a course - "Genesis: Exploring the Foundations Again" - at Christ Church in Calgary this August. I am trying to work it into my summer schedule.

For those of you who may not know - Walter is the principal of The College of Emmanuel and St. Chad (my alma mater) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Emmanuel is the offical theological college for the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupertsland of the Anglican Church of Canada. Walter is also the Professor of Old Testament and Congregational Life. I was only able to fit one of his classes (PE 356) into my schedule when I attended Emmanuel but I thoroughly enjoyed it and Walter's teaching. I'm hoping I can work his course in this summer or that he will expand it to a full 3 credit course at the college for which I can drive in.

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