Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pride Parade

We had a good day today. Integrity walked with St. James in the parade. It was noticed by someone who has been to a number of Pride parades that there was a good representation of Christian groups. We walked in front of the group from the United Church (AFFIRM).

A number of people walking had to make choices as to which group they would walk with as they belonged to more than one represented at the parade. I had an interesting conversation with a total stranger. She certainly affirmed my ministry and gave me hope for the future. I hope that I was able to give something positive to her as well.

This was Saskatoon's 15th parade. Prince Albert had its first last weekend. All was relatively quiet. We received a few yells and honks of support as we marched. I didn't hear anything negative as we marched.

There were a number of local politicians in attendance at the end but I don't know if they marched. I really haven't much to say on it - other than a common bond of support seemed to break down lines and barriers to talking to strangers. At one point it was difficult to tell where the group of Anglicans ended and the group from the United Church started as our boundaries became blurred. I found that a very postiive experience.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie