Friday, June 15, 2007

Reflections before holidays

Edited on June 29, 2007

I am preparing to leave on a holiday with my older sister and my parents. The family has decided that Mom and Dad should not be driving long distances by themselves (something that Mom and Dad themselves have concerns over). I booked a week off way back in February and told them I would take them wherever they want to go. We’re heading out to Vernon where we have friends and relatives.

When I booked my holidays, I had forgotten about General Synod being that very week. Even when I realized that I would be away, I wasn’t too concerned. I figured it would probably be good for me not to be in close contact with my computer – easier on the blood pressure. Since then things have occurred which make me think that if I could I would reset the date.

I have spoken to our community to reassure them that whatever happens, the world is not going to end. Whatever GS decides or whatever is going on the WWAC, we will continue to meet for worship, to proclaim the gospel, and continue in God’s service in our wider community. If anything major develops while I am gone, they are to contact the wardens who have the phone number of a person who will help explain what is going on.

Pride Parade is on Saturday. This will be my first. Usually it means an extra trip to the city and I get enough of those. However, being chaplain (of sorts) to Integrity, I have decided I really need to be a presence. I will even wear my clericals – something I avoid like the plague except for worship etc.

There are a couple of interesting things that I have found in the last couple of days. The first is from CultureChoc – Thank you Dan.

Homosexuality and the Church

The second is from a link at Thinking Anglicans.

Canadian Archbishops

I am totally in agreement with their statment but especially in agreemet with this.

“We are deeply concerned that ongoing study … will only continue to draw us away from issues which are gradually destroying God's creation – child poverty, racism, global warming, economic injustice, concern for our aboriginal brothers and sisters, and the growing disparity between the rich and the poor.”

However, on a personal note to that - I hope that if the resolutions are passed it is made clear that there is a strong theological and scriptural base for this. I also don't think that it should be expressed defensively, in reaction to what is placed in opposition. I liked this article. I can't remember whose blog I found the link on - but whoever's I did - thank you.

For freedom Christ has set you free - Holly Lyman Antolini

This article is linked from the Anglican Pages of Louie Crew. This is a good site for articles etc.

I guess that is all for now. I may blog during my holidays depending on internet access and what is going on. We'll see.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie

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