Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Poetry of Jay L. Marie

The following are poems my younger daughter has written. I have her permission to post them here.


Surrounded by people,
a writhering, rushing mass.
They're all in a rush
they all have someplace to be.
They don't seem to see each other,
they don't see me.

Standing among them,
I'm an aimless girl without a goal.
I'm invisible,
I can't be seen.
I blend in so well,
I can't even see myself.

Screaming, crying, hurting,
a girl stands across from me.
She pleads with her eyes,
she can't stand the pain.
She's crying,
she doesn't know how to stop.

No one sees her
she's the hidden me.
I wish I could go to her,
soothe her pain.
But if I do,
I'll lose my invisibility.

Jay L. Marie

This next one makes me cry because it was written at my ordination.

waiting patiently
preventing my tears
from flowing ceaselessly.

Swelling with pride
overwhelmed by your
mountain of accomplishments.

I'll follow you,
using your love as my guide,
I won't get lost,
you won't let that happen.

So I sit, patiently being proud,
overwhelmed and filled with love.

Jay L. Marie

A Dark Night
It is a dark night in december,
with no moonlight bright.
No stars to shine down and bless the morn.
So may things to believe, and yet not.
So many things to trust in and yet not.

Not even a bit of fire to light up the gloom.
And yet I stand here in the never-ending blackness,
waiting to be let into the warmth
so I can say the truth.
Yet the door remains closed,
though the icicles are begining to form.

Jay L. Marie

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Shawn said...

These are beautiful poems, utterly consistent with the depth I have sensed in your daughter in the times I have encountered her. I hope and pray she will continue to discover her voice. And I pray she will not have to feel invisible, ever. Let's keep working to make sure the church, at the very least, is a place she and all will find sanctuary and the safety to be visible, vulnerable, and wonderfully powerful.
Shawn +